D3TN supports the STINT workshop

The Space-Terrestrial Internetworking Workshops Series (STINT) addresses emerging technical topics related to data exchange between and amongst space-based and terrestrial network nodes. Such communication systems accept space assets as first-class nodes performing common network functions. These functions include stateful packet inspection, routing, management, and security.

D3TN collaborates with Libre Space
The signing of a “Memorandum of Understanding” is a big milestone for the collaboration of the D3TN GmbH with the Greek Libre Space Foundation. The aim of this partnership is to bundle the knowledge of open software in the space domain. Both partners are commited to develop, design, advance, and promote open source software, hardware, and tools required for space mission design and engineering. Up to now, there is a huge gap between the high quality open source software applied in the IT industry, on the one hand, and the space software domain on the other hand.
Kick-off for COLDSUN – ESA supports innovative D3TN project
The European Space Agency (ESA) supports the D3TN GmbH in their COLDSUN project. The goal of the project is to develop a buoy to transmit data from an underwater network to the Internet via a satellite network. The innovative communication system offers a cheap and flexible solution to connect underwater networks with centralized infrastructure anywhere around the globe. There, the data can be monitored and analysed. The prospective buoy system is designed to gather information about the ocean environment.