D3TN presents OPS-SAT experiment

Today, two members of D3TN presented the planned OPS-SAT experiment at ESA’s Operations Centre (ESOC) in Darmstadt, Germany. The mission of OPS-SAT is to launch a Cube Sat which gives ‘Experimenters’ the opportunity to perform live testing in the domain of mission control systems. OPS-SAT will be an in-orbit test-bed for:

  • On-board software applications
  • Advanced communication protocols
  • Compression techniques
  • Demonstration of advanced software-defined radio concepts
  • Optical communication from ground to space
  • Experiments using cameras, attitude control, scheduling and autonomy

Experiments with ground-based applications can also be hosted. More information about the OPS-SAT mission can be found at https://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Operations/OPS-SAT.

D3TN plans on testing µPCN, an implementation of the DTN bundle protocol that enables communication in the space environment without continuous end-to-end paths. At the experimenter workshop, D3TN had the opportunity to interact with the OPS-SAT team and other experimenters. Furthermore, our team members visited the SMILE control facilities.

D3TN team members at the OPS-SAT Workshop

Impressions from ESOC

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