µD3TN Set to Debut as a Licensed Commercial Product
We are delighted to announce that we will soon offer µD3TN as a fully commercially supported product, featuring comprehensive service level agreements for maintenance and consulting services tailored to meet your unique needs. Context Specializing in Delay- and Disruption-Tolerant Networking (DTN), our expertise lies in building solutions for networks in demanding environments such as underwater or in space. These environments pose unique challenges where standard TCP/IP protocols fall short due to high latency, error rates, and the absence of stable end-to-end connections.
A Milestone in Space Communication: Successful Interoperability Testing with the Lunar IceCube
In recent years, Delay- and Disruption-tolerant Networking (DTN) has gained significant relevance, particularly in space missions and communication infrastructures. To showcase the full potential of DTN and endorse this network architecture for future missions, NASA, ESA, and D3TN designed an experiment together, featuring the CubeSat “Lunar IceCube”. This CubeSat, developed by Morehead State University and launched during NASA’s Artemis-1 mission in November 2022, was originally intended to orbit the moon at a low altitude, seeking water, ice, and other resources on the Lunar surface.
Full µD3TN video series now available on YouTube!
The third and final episode of the µD3TN trilogy has been completed and can now be watched on YouTube! The µD3TN trilogy provides you with basic information about our DTN stack: In the first video we start by explaining how µD3TN works. In the second video we then walk you through a step-by-step tutorial to show you how to download and use µD3TN. Finally, in the third video we show you how we make use of µD3TN in our R&D project “REDMARS”.
Successful µD3TN-setup with Hydromea
μD3TN runs well with underwater communication technology from Hydromea! Two weeks ago we ran a successful disruption-tolerant networking test together with Hydromea, a Swiss-based underwater robotics company which specializes in through-water wireless communication networks and underwater navigation. In our scenario we set up two DTN nodes on two Raspberry Pis via SSH access, one of them simulates an underwater sensor and the other one simulates a boat which collects data from the sensor.
First video of µD3TN Trilogy now published on YouTube
We are happy to announce, that the first part of our µD3TN video series is now available online! In this first video, we introduce challenged networks, explain the basics of the DTN architecture, and provide a high-level overview of µD3TN. µD3TN is our space-tested, open source lightweight DTN protocol implementation, that we developed to provide a ready-to-use solution for data transfer in Delay- and Disruption-Tolerant Networks. Check out the full video for more information on µD3TN!
D3TN participated in OUTPUT event of the Technical University of Dresden
In early July the OUTPUT event took place again in the Faculty of Computer Science of the Technical University in Dresden. Research results of students and employees are presented there to the public once a year, showing installations, demos, workshops and project presentations. This time our team member Scott Burleigh from D3TN US held a keynote speech on the theme “On Tolerance of Delay”. Furthermore, we were proud to award the D3TN prize to a student to reward his outstanding master´s thesis.
Two-day retreat in Meißen with the whole D3TN team
Last week on Monday and Tuesday we had our first retreat in the lovely town Meißen near Dresden! Apart from our usual crew from Germany we were very happy to also welcome our team members from D3TN US, Juan and Scott. On the first day of our retreat, everybody gave a presentation about a topic related to our company or Delay Tolerant Networks in general – for example we’ve discussed scientific research concerning Machine Learning in DTNs or Underwater DTNs.
µD3TN interoperability testing report
Our partner Spatiam Corporation has performed a series of interoperability tests between the ION (Interplanetary Overlay Network) and µD3TN Bundle Protocol version 7 implementations. Overall, the test results show that ION and µD3TN plus several tools shipped with the two implementations can be successfully used together. We would like to thank Spatiam for carrying out these extensive tests. Their detailed report is definitely worth a read!
D3TN´s field-tests presented in IEEE Communications Magazine
In their IEEE Communications Magazine, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) provides information on all aspects of communications. In April 2022, they published an article, written by us, about our concept of ring road networks (RRN), in which the functionality of delay-tolerant networking (DTN) and RRNs is being explained in detail and in an easily comprehensible way. The main issue that we´d wish to overcome with our technology is the fact, that there are still several billion people without reliable Internet access.
D3TN joins the first MISSION workshop
Being one of the industry partners in MISSION, D3TN participated in the project’s first in-person workshop at INVAP SE, San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina. During the workshop and the surrounding weeks, while working in close collaboration with the project partners, we had (and will further pursue) numerous productive discussions and were able to explore new potentials for cooperation. We kindly thank the organizers, speakers, and our partners in the MISSION project for this perfect workshop and hope for the upcoming MISSION activities to be as successful and exciting!