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We Live our Passion for Network Protocols and Architectures.
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We Live our Passion for Network Protocols and Architectures.
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D3TN offers three services
We offer research and development support for network protocols and architectures with a specific focus on solutions for challenged networks.
RnD Support
RnD Support
Due to our solid background in networking technologies, we are able to support and drive research and development projects to push the state of the art in communication forward.

We help to enhance Internet protocols and develop dedicated solutions for niche areas. Our main focus is to render communication possible in the most challenging environments.

We are motivated by the idea to provide means of communication for the deepest oceans as well as beyond our solar system.
RnD Support
We provide trainings on state-of-the-art as well as upcoming networking technologies and their implementations.
Having years of experience in developing networking solutions and implementing communication protocols, we are happy to provide our experience and know-how.

For this purpose, we offer specialized courses and trainings, covering conventional Internet protocols and technologies as well as currently-discussed and upcoming communication approaches.

If a more detailed understanding of networking protocol stacks and the underlying architectures is needed, we are happy to help.
We develop software covering communication protocols and simulation environments.
In order to support concrete projects and to setup practically useful communication infrastructures, we have developed several tools and software products, offered partially under free software licenses.

Besides L1-L7 protocol stacks, we can provide software for simulating challenged networks with a specific focus on the space domain.

We are the right partner for dedicated software development projects in the area of communication protocols, including novel approaches and challenged network scenarios.
What is D3TN?
In 2015, our company was founded under the name "FUSE" to offer dedicated software products for distributed systems. Due to our native interest in networking for challenged environments with an emphasis on space and underwater networks, we started focusing intensively on this field. In July 2018, we renamed the company D3TN, referring to our competences in so-called Delay- and Disruption-tolerant Networking (DTN) technologies. These technologies may be employed to render possible communication in the most challenging environments. We are experts in developing software and hardware solutions for this domain.

In addition to that, we have solid experience in "conventional" Internet technologies and are familiar with the implementations of associated protocol stacks.

Due to our passion for networking technologies, we can support you in the following fields:
Research and development concerning innovative networking technologies with a specific focus on challenged networks
Design and configuration of network infrastructures based on Internet technologies
Realization of software and hardware prototypes demonstrating and validating innovative ideas in the field of communication technologies
Consultation support for evaluating existing designs and implementations of protocol stacks and network infrastructures
Design and implementation of networking protocols as well as support tools such as network simulators
Transfer of knowledge and know-how regarding networking protocols and architectures (in the sense of "conventional" Internet technologies as well as innovative and upcoming approaches)
Planning and design of communication systems for research missions to challenged environments
If you are interested in our services or have additional questions, please contact us!
To extend and establish our knowledge we are participating in different projects mostly related to underwater and space network technologies. Some projects are started just by D3TN, others are collaborations together with partners to combine the knowledge and know-how of different topics for new solutions. All projects gain for innovative products based on open source software to offer cheaper and more flexible solutions.
µD3TN is our own free and open-source DTN protocol implementation.
The MISSION project aims to combine state-of-the-art space technology with proven computer science techniques to optimize the reliability and effectiveness of future space missions.
COLDSUN is a project started by the D3TN GmbH and is supported by the European Space Agency (ESA). The goal of the project is to design a buoy that is able to transmit data from underwater sensors to the Internet via satellites. The whole system is based on open source software and commercial off-the-shelf components to offer a cheap and flexible solution.
In the REDMARS 2 project, D3TN explores possibilities to transfer concepts from the Recursive Internetwork Architecture (RINA) for solving challenges in the area of Delay- and Disruption-tolerant Networking using a practical scenario-driven approach.
D3TN Enterprise Stack is a project to develop a market-ready product based on the µD3TN open-source project.
We are hiring!
We currently offer student jobs as well as other job options!
Interested? Just send us a mail for further information! We are looking forward to hearing from you!
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