transmit data between
underwater networks
and the internet via
satellite networks
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transmit data between underwater networks and the internet via satellite networks
The COLDSUN project (COmmunication reLay for Deep-Sea Underwater Networks) is an initiative started by D3TN and is supported by the European Space Agency (ESA).
The project's goal is a communication service that allows to transmit data between underwater networks and the Internet via satellite networks. The overall system renders possible low-cost data transmission using a relay buoy equipped with interfaces for underwater as well as satellite communication. This relay is based on open-source software and commercial off-the-shelf components. By that, it offers a cheap and flexible communication solution for companies operating in a maritime environment.
Current problem
Currently, potential customers leverage different forms of proprietary, individually designed wired or wireless communication systems. On one hand, the core drawbacks of the state-ofthe-art wired systems is their huge inflexibility as well as the lacking possibility for deploying larger underwater network structures. On the other hand, specialized wireless approaches are very cost-intensive and only offer communication among directly-reachable communication nodes. Transitive communication even via dynamically added nodes is not supported.
Our solution
Technical details
The core component that will be addressed is a software executed on a generic relay node. This node is formed by a mobile buoy having an underwater interface as well as a transceiver for satellite communication. The overall system will consist of the necessary software and hardware for aggregating data from underwater sensor networks, buffering them until a satellite is in sight, and transmitting the data to the satellite which finally ensures forwarding to the Internet.

The buoy and its components is shown in the following graphic.
Areas of application
Customer segments are present in a wide range of industries requiring data transfer between underwater systems in the Atlantic Ocean and the Internet, e.g.:

Maritime research institutions collecting data for research purposes from underwater sensor systems

Mining companies having to transfer data from underwater mining infrastructures for monitoring purposes

Offshore windpark operators for gathering environmental data via underwater sensor systems

Fishing companies to collect data about shoal of fish

Underwater maintenance and monitoring services to collect and analyze data from underwater constructions
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